The Magnolia Palace

by Fiona Davis “Frick. That’s whose house she was in. The Fricks, Lillian knew from their gossip columns, made their fortune in steel, and had two grown children. The newspapers had made a grateful fuss out of the fact that Mr. Frick had designated that his house eventually be left to the city and turnedContinue reading “The Magnolia Palace”

Girl, Unframed

Sydney’s mom is Lila Shore – the famous actress who seems totally disconnected from her daughter. After being dragged from her private boarding school states away, Sydney begins to suspect her mom’s boyfriend is involved in some illegal activity. Also, now that she is 16, why is everyone assuming things about her based on her looks – and not letting her decide anything for herself?

Now and When

When Skyler’s prom venue is threatened by a company wanting to bulldoze the garden, she must team up with her rival – Truman – to fight for it. How can she work with someone she can’t stand? Especially when she begins getting cell phone updates from a future reunion site that shows Truman and Skyler together.