The Cold Vanish

North America’s National Parks, forests, and wild spaces are beautiful and alluring, but dangerous and lead to thousands of Search and Rescue efforts each year as trekkers go missing. Explore one such case in Washington State’s Olympic National Park following the disappearance of a young man who leaves behind no clues.

Girl, Unframed

Sydney’s mom is Lila Shore – the famous actress who seems totally disconnected from her daughter. After being dragged from her private boarding school states away, Sydney begins to suspect her mom’s boyfriend is involved in some illegal activity. Also, now that she is 16, why is everyone assuming things about her based on her looks – and not letting her decide anything for herself?

The Girl from Widow Hills

Arden Maynard was lost for three days after sleepwalking in the middle of the night. She was finally found in a storm drain after days of rain. Years later, Arden has changed her name to Olivia, and is trying to leave the past behind her. When Olivia trips over a body while sleepwalking in her back yard, she knows the past is back to haunt her.