In a world where Scythes must glean in order to keep the human population manageable, two teens are tested in ways that they never expected in the thrilling sequel to Scythe.

She Persisted: Harriet Tubman

The compelling story of Harriet Tubman and her unwavering efforts to free slaves via the Underground Railroad. Perfect for younger readers who want an introduction to this historic figure.

Girls on the Line

Two Chinese orphans try to make their way in the world of factory work, fighting for freedom, friendship, and their futures, even though the odds are stacked against them in a world that seems them as little more than a number.

The Book of Lost Names

Eva is a quiet widow who on an ordinary day sees an image in a newspaper that transports her back to war-torn Europe and leads her to fly to Germany in search of a book that represents all the lives she helped save during the Nazi’s tyranny.

The Cold Vanish

North America’s National Parks, forests, and wild spaces are beautiful and alluring, but dangerous and lead to thousands of Search and Rescue efforts each year as trekkers go missing. Explore one such case in Washington State’s Olympic National Park following the disappearance of a young man who leaves behind no clues.


Chloe never thought that her parents doubted her ability to get into college, but when her mom is arrested for bribing admissions officers at a nearby university, she questions everything and can’t help but wonder how much of the truth she was hiding from herself.

Echo Island

Four friends return from a post-graduation camping trip only to find that their island home is completely deserted. What happened and what does it mean for each of them?

The Cousins

When three cousins are requested to spend the summer at their estranged grandmother’s resort, they reluctantly agree. Quickly they realize that their family history might be a lie and their lives might be in danger.

The Great Gatsby: A Graphic Novel

The timeless story of The Great Gatsby – and the lushness of 1920s opulence – comes to life with vivid watercolor illustrations in this graphic novel adaptation.


Fable survived a shipwreck, was abandoned by her father, and has fought to survive. Now is her chance to be reunited with the father who left her on an island of thieves and claim what is rightfully hers.


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