I love reading, I love books, and I am excited to share great reads with my students and fellow educators.

After teaching English for a number of years, I transitioned to working in the library. I am super fortunate to have found a place where every student is welcome and reading is celebrated regularly. Now that I am in the library, I get a few more requests for recommendations, but I have a bit more time to curl up with my dog and a good book or whip up a fun recipe while listening to a great audio book.

This blog is intended to celebrate just the best books that I come across and give a bit of insight into any red flags you may encounter in the book, questions that will help get to the heart of the book, and a frank commentary on whether this book is worth investing in. After all, I hope that you find some gems here.

If you see any books that you are intrigued by, stop by my Bookshop Bookstore and get your favorite gems for your own. Thank you for your support and readership!

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