Pride & Premeditation

by Tirzah Price

““My, how refreshing. A man who urges me to be careful rather than tells me to stop meddling.”

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Book Grade: A

Pride and Premeditation is a clever adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel. In it, the boldest Bennett daughter yearns to work for her father’s struggling law office. She knows that Mr. Collins will take over if she does not intervene. With her mind set on little else, Lizzie uses her wits and determination to find a case and solve it.

While there were certainly anachronisms and historic liberties taken, I was delighted by the true Austen themes that popped up in this book. The mystery of who was actually to blame for the mysterious murder was compelling, and watching Lizzie and Mr. Darcy join forces (as only they could) was truly entertaining. This was a swift read and it had plenty of moments of suspense and humor. Mrs. Bennett is still ridiculous and over the top, but the youngest Bennett sisters are much more tolerable in this adaptation. Overall, anyone who is a fan of the original classic will love the new (but not modern) take.

Movie Rating: G

Pride and Premeditation is predictably clean. There is no swearing or indecent romance.

Plus, given that Tirzah Price tried to stay true to the style and plot of Austen’s original novel, I was thrilled that she didn’t add anything too crazy to the storyline. Yes, there is a murder, but it is never discussed in more than cursory detail, so this can be read by almost any Austen fan without blushing.

Would I Buy This for My Library: Absolutely

Pride and Premeditation is a great addition to the list of Austen-inspired novels that we have in the library. The clever take on Austen’s ever-popular novel combined with a slightly anachronistic Lizzie who is fighting for her place in her father’s law firm, makes this both timeless and timely. The cover is beautiful and the book is a quick read, particularly for those who love classics and mysteries. This is a great addition to the library shelves!


Elizabeth Bennet is strong, confident, and determined…to solve a murder. As the boldest of the Bennet daughters, Lizzie wants to secure a position in her father’s law office. Unfortunately, that is harder than it sounds; as a female of her era, Lizzie has few opportunities to become a clerk and help her father’s business. When a murder takes place, however, Elizabeth sees her golden opportunity. She meets with the accused – none other than Mr. Bingley – and must compete against the young man’s friend, Mr. Darcy, to prove that she can solve the case.

As Lizzie begins to immerse herself in the mystery, she finds that she has conflicting feelings for Wickham, a young man who seems to pop up when she most needs help with solving the mystery. Additionally, the young lawyer, Darcy, is both incredibly handsome and infuriatingly frustrating. She needs to partner with him to clear Bingley’s name, but finds his arrogance to be offputting. With classic Austen humor, witty characters, and a clever mystery, Pride and Premeditation proves to have firm roots in the famed novel, but a unique twist that will keep readers hooked.

This is an addictive blend of Jane Austen’s classic novel and a regency era mystery. With clever characters, unexpected reveals, and witty dialogue, Pride and Premeditation is a fun and enchanting read.

Book Talk Questions:

  1. What is Mr. Collins like and why does Lizzie have concerns about his role at the firm?
  2. Who does Lizzie consider to be a suspect early on in the case? Why are they suspected and what evidence supports her thinking?
  3. Why does Lizzie need to solve this case? Why does she need to keep this from her mother?
  4. Mr. Darcy may be blinded by his loyalty as a friend. What evidence is being used to implicate Mr. Bingley? What evidence would indicate that his friend is innocent?
  5. Lizzie and Darcy are locked in a closet in his office. What does she learn about Darcy while they are locked up and how does this challenge her assumptions about his privileged background?
  6. Who actually committed the murder and what was their motive?

A Perfect Read for Fans Of…

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  • Emma by Jane Austen
  • The Murder of Mr. Wickham by Claudia Gray

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