Super Fake Love Song

by David Yoon

“Cirrus had already made herself at home in Gray’s salvaged steel swivel chair. She drummed her fingers on her thighs as if eager to be introduced to the room’s history.

I started to say something, then stopped.

I started to say something else, then stopped.

I started to –

Cirrus eyed me with growing concern.

‘So are you — ‘ she said.

‘These are guitars,’ I said suddenly. I craned my neck back to look at them. I stretched, I sniffed, did all the things amateurs do when gearing up for a big lie. ‘They’re my guitars.'”

Ratings & Reviews

Book Grade: A

Super Fake Love Song is witty, original, and absolutely addictive. I so enjoyed this book. David Yoon writes with authentic – and laugh out loud funny – dialogue and has crafted characters in this novel who will stick with you long after you finish the book.

I so appreciated that Sunny is struggling to find himself and his place in the world, but learns super important lessons along the way. He also realizes that the people around him who he always believed had it all together are actually just as worried about how the world sees the as he is – even those who he assumes have it all figured out.

Super Fake Love Song is realistic, comforting, funny, and original. It reminded me of a John Hughes movie from the ’80s, but with a keener eye on diverse characters and YouTube special effects stars at the center. This is definitely worth diving into!

Movie Rating: PG

Super Fake Love Song is witty and unique, but ultimately it stays relatable to a wide audience because there are no really uncomfortable scenes. There are a few kisses and some serious conversations, but by and large, this book blends sweet romance, coming-of-age, and self-awareness is a beautiful story. There was one scene with swearing, but for the remainder of the book, it is endearing to see the nerdy phrases that Sunny and his friends use when frustrated or annoyed.

While the plot of (and connection to) this story will not resonate with younger readers, there is no real content that should cause concern for upper middle school or high school readers.

Would I Buy This for My Library: Yes

Super Fake Love Song is another hit by David Yoon! I am so thrilled to have his voice in YA fiction – his stories drive home important points, but bring to life relatable characters without dark, heavy, or inappropriate themes. I know that this will be a hit in my library and I am so excited to have a novel with a male protagonist that blends humor, music, romance, and identity into one seamless and engaging story!


Sunny Dae is used to not fitting in. He is one of a handful of minority students at his wealthy Southern California high school. He is obsessed with special effects, and, alongside his two best friends, is often the butt of jokes at the hands of Gunnar, the ultimate football jock. Sunny is not used to people noticing him, listening to him, or assuming that he is cool. All of the changes with Cirrus, the daughter of some wealthy business colleagues of his parents, arrives at his doorstep hoping to be shown around their shared high school.

Immediately smitten, Sunny pretends that his brother’s room is his and fabricates a story that he and his best friends are in a band. A rock band at that. In order to live up to his lie, Sunny, and his best friends – Jamal and Milo – start learning to play rock music in hopes that they can convince Cirrus before they “break up” the band. Sunny didn’t anticipate that his older brother, Gray, the real-life front man for multiple barely successful bands, would return home, or that his arch-nemesis would be holding a secret that changed their interactions forever. Sunny also didn’t anticipate that Cirrus might have feelings for him, too. How long can he keep up his act, though, before the truth comes out and his super fake love song is discovered for what it really is?

Book Talk Questions:

  1. Describe the environment and students at Sunny’s high school. How does this environment influence how Sunny sees himself?
  2. What is the relationship between Sunny and Gray? How does this evolve over the course of the book? What does Sunny come to realize about his brother?
  3. Milo and Jamal are incredibly supportive friends. Does their decision to go along with Sunny’s plan seem wise or foolish? How would you have handled the situation?
  4. When Cirrus shows Sunny her box of trinkets, what is she revealing to him? What is her number one desire? Give an example of how this is shown in the story.
  5. What does Gray do at the show? What happens to him afterwards? What does he reveal to Sunny?
  6. What does Sunny tell his parents? How do they take this and what do they admit? How does this force them to change?

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