by Neal Shusterman

“We are scythes. We are harm’s way.”

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Book Grade: A

Thunderhead is the most intense, action packed novel I have ever read. So much character development and good storytelling lead to you leaning off the edge of your seat while reading. Many parts of the book you hold your breath, wondering what will happen next. The story took me by surprise when so many times, I couldn’t keep count. If you want a story that will have you thinking about what will happen next, this is the book for you.

Movie Rating: PG-13

Thunderhead is literally about killing people to keep the population down. There is going to be parts where the author describes the killing with a lot of detail. The Characters do cuss but it’s pretty rare. The author does describe how the characters kill people and what weapon they use. All of the gore parts are well balanced and are used in a smart way to not make it look like a total bloodbath. A character is kidnapped and tortured. Other than that, if you don’t like killing at all, this isn’t the book for you.

Would I Buy This for My Library: Yes

The Scythe series is not for everyone, but I think it would be appreciated by those who are looking for a thriller. The author is good with his words and his books are easy to read, yet not a college degree needed to read. It tells readers that even though you are immortal, that there are consequences when it comes to who controls the population.

Note: The following review is by a student, Quentin, who read Thunderhead and wanted to post a review of the book! Enjoy his hard work!


As Scythe Anastasia finds herself with eyes burning in the back of her head, she is met with a target on her head by a mysterious group of individuals. All while she is frowned upon by other scythes about how she gleans. She and Scythe Curie jump from Continent to continent running for their lives. 

Rowan Damisch, after going off grid, continues to glean Scythes who he sees as “murders.” The Thunderhead encounters a problem in the scythdom, but has no power to stop it or tell anyone. The thrilling story continues with a high school student named Grayson Toliver who is asked by the Thunderhead to do a task that would change his life.

Book Talk Questions:

  1. Whose body did the bad person’s use for his own? Why did he use this person’s body?
  2. How come the Thunderhead couldn’t do anything about was happening in the Scythdom? 
  3. Who was trying to kill Citra and Curie? What 2 things did they use to try and kill them?
  4. What was Scythe Faraday looking for at the end of the book? Where was it located?

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  • The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins
  • Prodigy by Marie Lu

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