100 Days of Sunlight

Weston is…a paradox.

‘He’s really nice. But stubborn. And obnoxiously optimistic.'”

Tessa is a homeschooling, poetry-loving generation Z blogger thrilled with her internet friends and the calm, quiet life that she shares with her grandparents. After a shocking car accident, Tessa loses her vision in what her doctor describes as a temporary blindness. Swiftly sinking into depression and all but giving up on life as she knew it, Tessa refuses to go online or write poetry. Enter Weston, a hilarious teenage amputee, who volunteers to help her adjust to her new reality. The catch, Tessa doesn’t know that Weston is anything but an ordinary, stubborn male – and Weston doesn’t have any plans to tell her while he works to help her recover. Sweet moments ensue!

Ratings & Reviews

  • Book Grade: A
    • This book is absolutely adorable. It has realistic teenage characters (without all of the teenage drama that appears in so many fictional books today). There are unexpected moments that sound exactly like typical teenage conversations, but the book has enough sweet moments to keep it in the realm of fiction. All the characters in the story are charming and I love the sweet, but unconventional relationship that Tessa has with her grandparents.
  • Movie Rating: PG
    • This book doesn’t raise any issues with questionable content. There is little swearing and are no saucy scenes with the characters. Although Tessa and Weston are unconventional characters in some regards – she was abandoned by her mother to be raised by her grandparents and he is a spunky teen amputee – but this doesn’t have the angstiness of other teen “medical” novels.
  • Would I Buy This for My Library: Yes.
    • This is a sweet romance book perfect for fans of the genre, but it is also a really optimistic book full of hope against all odds. This is a quick and easy read, so it is perfect for readers of all ability levels. This doesn’t raise any red flags, but has just enough realistic drama to make this a gem for teen readers.

Book Talk Questions

  1. Weston decides early on that he will come back day after day, even though Tessa clearly doesn’t want this. Why is he so determined and how does he get her to see his perspective?
  2. Weston focuses on living in the moment, or so it seems. What was the defining moment when he realized that he had to live this way. Be specific.
  3. Why does Tessa focus on unearthing Weston’s appearance at multiple points in the story? What does this suggest about her and does this change at all?
  4. In the scene after Tessa is harassed in the store, she tells Weston that he doesn’t know what it is like to “be a handicap.” How does Weston respond and why is this important? Do you consider this dishonest in any way?
  5. Why does Tessa pretend to be asleep during Weston’s bird story? How does this come up again later?

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