A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

“‘You really don’t think Sal did it, do you,’ Ravi said. ‘I just can’t believe it,’ she said as she stepped over an old fallen tree. ‘My brain hasn’t been able to leave it alone, so when this project thing came up for school, I jumped at the excuse to reexamine the case.’ Under theContinue reading “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder”

100 Days of Sunlight

“Weston is…a paradox. ‘He’s really nice. But stubborn. And obnoxiously optimistic.’” Tessa is a homeschooling, poetry-loving generation Z blogger thrilled with her internet friends and the calm, quiet life that she shares with her grandparents. After a shocking car accident, Tessa loses her vision in what her doctor describes as a temporary blindness. Swiftly sinkingContinue reading “100 Days of Sunlight”

The Jane Austen Society

“[Adam] saw Elizabeth as the lynchpin to the entire Bennet family, the one whose boldness and emotional intelligence was keeping her own family from the brink. But she never flaunted herself as a saviour – she just loved so thoroughly, and so wisely, that the saving of others was the inevitable result.” In the smallContinue reading “The Jane Austen Society”