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A resource for teens, teachers, and librarians to find really good reads. These books are honestly reviewed and thoughtfully curated so that you can read only the books that are true gems.

  • Chlorine Sky
    Told in verse, Chlorine Sky focuses on Skyy’s journey to understand herself in a world that doesn’t appreciate who she is, and find her voice in a space that doesn’t allow her to speak for herself.
  • Super Fake Love Song
    Sunny has always been content being the nerd. Then he meets super chic Cirrus and somehow tells her that he is in a rock band with his best friends. While he is falling for her, he is getting deeper into his lie. How will he keep the girl and stay true to himself?
  • Court of Swans
    Delia, the only daughter of the late Earl of Dericott, struggles against her world of 1300s England when her seven brothers are arrested and she must fight to prove their innocence.
  • Into the Clouds
    Into the Clouds tells the story of some early mountaineers determined to summit K2 – the world’s most dangerous mountain – and how their legacy persists to inspire other climbers even today.
  • Thunderhead
    In a world where Scythes must glean in order to keep the human population manageable, two teens are tested in ways that they never expected in the thrilling sequel to Scythe.
  • She Persisted: Harriet Tubman
    The compelling story of Harriet Tubman and her unwavering efforts to free slaves via the Underground Railroad. Perfect for younger readers who want an introduction to this historic figure.
  • Girls on the Line
    Two Chinese orphans try to make their way in the world of factory work, fighting for freedom, friendship, and their futures, even though the odds are stacked against them in a world that seems them as little more than a number.
  • The Book of Lost Names
    Eva is a quiet widow who on an ordinary day sees an image in a newspaper that transports her back to war-torn Europe and leads her to fly to Germany in search of a book that represents all the lives she helped save during the Nazi’s tyranny.
  • The Cold Vanish
    North America’s National Parks, forests, and wild spaces are beautiful and alluring, but dangerous and lead to thousands of Search and Rescue efforts each year as trekkers go missing. Explore one such case in Washington State’s Olympic National Park following the disappearance of a young man who leaves behind no clues.

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Students Love Book Gems

Book Gems makes it easy for teens of all reading levels to find a book that interests them. Each unique review offers multiple ratings with an honest adult review and thoughtful student input. Plus, the reviews give you insight into any blush-worthy moments that may need to be discussed during book talks or presentations.

Educators Love Book Gems

Teachers and librarians appreciate the curated questions, the honest input (“Would I buy this for my library?”) and the educator insight. Educators don’t have the luxury of reading every book – Book Gems makes it easier to find good books that you can bring into your classroom and gives you a heads up about any sensitive topics.

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